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Large tablets to revive sales

Old Apple logo - Wikimedia CommonsYesterday we reported that the outlook is bleak for tablets as smartphones get bigger and bigger.

But in 2016 there will be a segment of the tablet market which is set to grow, according to Digitimes Research (DR).

The Apple iPad market will grow in 2016 because of sales of the iPad Pro and a future iPad Air, said DR.

Sales of Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 machines are also expected to offset the overall decline in tablet sales.

DR believes that the so-called “white box” tablet players will exit the market.

Apple will continue to be the largest vendor next year, followed by Samsung and Lenovo. But the last two will see big declines.

Analysts predict that tablets over 10 inches will grow over 20 percent in 2016 because of sales of the iPad Pro and the Surface 2-in-1, taking a total share of the tablet market of over 20 percent.