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Apple will sell less iPhones

7e9ab0acfbfcbb07c89eeaa3c910d851Shares in Apple tanked after fears that it might sell less iPhones than it expected.

Since the end of the “game changing” tablet craze fizzled, the ipod died, and the iwatch was mocked, Apple has depended on recycling its iPhone to make it piles of dosh. Fortunately that had paid off, despite a shrinking smartphone market.

However it does not look like that will last – the Bank of America cut its estimate for fiscal 2016 iPhone shipments by 10 million to 220 million, pointing to a weakening among Apple’s suppliers.

Raymond James also lowered its estimate for 2016 iPhone shipments to 224 million from 229 million, also pointing to lacklustre expectations at Apple suppliers. Baird Equity Research trimmed its 2016 iPhone forecast to 234.7 million from 243.8 million.

While this might seem a lot of smartphones and arguably sold to people who do not need them, having bought a similar model a year earlier, Apple’s inflated share price depends on the market thinking it is going to continue to grow.

Sales, shares of Apple have fallen 4.4 percent over the past month and are down about 18 percent from record highs in April.

Apple supplier Imagination Technologies said softness in the overall semiconductor industry and smartphone market meant its operating profit would be lower than expected for the rest of its fiscal year.

Dialog Semi also cut its outlook, citing softer-than-expected demand for chips used in mobile phones such as the iPhone.

Reflecting increasing bets by Wall Street against Apple, short interest edged up to 1.9 percent of its outstanding shares at the end of November from 1.3 percent midway through the month, according to Nasdaq data.

Morgan Stanley said it expects iPhone unit sales to drop six percent in the 2016 calendar year as higher prices in markets outside Americas, excluding China, and maturing smartphone penetration in developed markets weigh on upgrades and new user growth.

Microsoft beats Apple in Tablet sales

SurfaceMembers of the Tame Apple Press were grasping their chests and screaming blue murder over the weekend after it was revealed that Apple was being beaten in Tablet sales by Microsoft.

Vole has been making tablets for ages, but no one actually noticed until Apple reintroduced the keyboard-less notepad under its own fruity label in 2010.

Microsoft’s technology was totally eclipsed. The tablet market has been sliding, as owners realised that a keyboard-less netbook was a chocolate teapot of tech, Microsoft’s tablets have come into fashion – thanks mostly to the fact that

Apple resorted to producing the same sort of tablet for a much higher price.
According to a report, “1010data Facts for Ecom Insights, January 2014 – October 2015” by the 1010data Ecom Insights Panel, Microsoft has assumes the mantle of best-selling tablet maker in terms of online sales in October.

What is worrying for Jobs’ Mob in the report, which analyses online hardware sales at the majority of online retailers, is that October was the first month when Apple didn’t lead the market:

Apparently Microsoft has been making steady progress in tablet market share but saw a huge spike in October with the release of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Book and Surface Book 4 were both introduced at Microsoft’s October 6 hardware event. This confirms that Windows 10 tablet and hybrid sales are having a significant impact on the market and cleaning Apple’s clock.

Overall online tablet sales have shown some spikes, influenced by a few key product releases including the Surface Pro 3, the iPad Mini 4, and the Surface Pro 4:

Apple maintains a healthy lead in terms of online tablet sales, but Microsoft is in a strong second place position.

What appears that happened was that Jobs’ Mob was aware of this and introduced its Surface clone the iPad Pro in response to Microsoft’s success.

Meanwhile this has caused huge problems for the Tame Apple Press which had written off Microsoft years ago and cast Google and Samsung as the cargo cult’s worst enemies.

Cook will not cross a Macbook and an iPad

tim-cook-apple-ceoThe Grand Mufti of the Apple Cargo Cult, Tim Cook has pronounced that Apple will never cross a Macbook with an iPad, for that is an abomination against the will of Jobs.

Talking to the Independent,  Cook spake and said that a converted MacBook and iPad would have to make too many compromises.

Cook wants to build the best iPad and MacBook possible and while the gap between the iPad and MacBook has shrunk, this gives customers the best possible productivity experience on both platforms.

This comment might seem a little odd given that Cook said nobody should buy a PC anymore, because the iPad offers enough performance to become a daily driver. This is despite the fact that the Tablet market has been failing for the last eight quarters.

Curiously Cook’s ability to see what is before his eyes is not that good. He claimed that Microsoft’s latest hybrid, the Surface Book, isn’t impressive, even though his Mac Book Pro is a more expensive knock off of it.

The iPad Pro is pretty much a hybrid anyway. The 12.9-inch tablet comes with a pen and keyboard, and apparently has the CPU performance of the MacBook Air and the GPU performance of a MacBook Pro. The only major difference is it runs iOS rather than OS X.

Hybrids are shaping up to be the next big thing, so it looks like Apple is not planning to be a “game change,” when not until Cook changes his mind enters the market late and claims to have invented the technology.

Apple faces whopping patent fine

Old Apple logo - Wikimedia CommonsThe University of Wisconsin-Madison has won a court case against Apple for using technology it invented in its iPhone smartphone.

A court in Wisconsin will now rule how much Apple has to pay for using one of the university’s patents, and reports said it could be more than $850 million.

A jury decided that Apple’s microprocessors, the A7 and A8 series, infringe a patent it filed in 1998. The university sued Apple in January last year.

The university also sued Intel for infringement but that case was settled out of court.

And the university isn’t stopping action against Intel. It has just filed another suit claiming the A9 and A9X microprocessors also infringe its patent, used in the iPhone 6S, the 6S Plus and the iPad Pro.

Apple hasn’t yet commented on the case but it is expected to appeal the decision.

Apple has to pay for botched iPad programme

poison-appleThe fruity cargo cult Apple has had to pay the LA Unified School District (LAUSD) $4.2 million for a botched programme which was supposed to give 640,000 kids an iPad.

Cupertino was expecting to trouser $30 million from the $1.3 billion project, but it was a disaster from the start. There were accusations of mismanagement, miscalculation and corruption.

Former LA schools Super John Deasy  role in the iPad project drew attention after disclosures of close ties he had with executives at Apple and Pearson. Deasy, who resigned under pressure in October, has denied any wrongdoing, and board members also have said they don’t believe he was guilty of any illegal actions.

The FBI has sent its crack team of untouchables to look at the way Apple won the contract in the first place.

Lenovo, the other tech company involved in the project aside from Apple, agreed to let the district have the $2.2 million worth of laptops it recently ordered for free.

LAUSD will also get $6.4 million – it’s still a tentative amount, though – from education software maker Pearson, which was contracted to conjure up maths and English curricula to use with the project.

The district says Pearson only ever provided a partial curriculum. LAUSD plans to use most of the money from the settlement to buy computers for a completely different initiative. It is not clear if Apple will get the chance to bid for that one.


Microsoft’s Surface is suddenly interesting


Microsoft-Surface-Pro-42Microsoft is getting some knock on effect from the fact that Apple copied its Surface design.

When Microsoft first announced the Surface Pro back in 2012 Apple fans mocked that it had a  kickstand, but also an “odd” cover that doubled as a keyboard. And to top things off, the device made use of a stylus. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said in 2010, “If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

Now Apple has bought in all those things in its new iPad for an outrageous price, commentators are starting to wake up to the fact that the Surface is, and probably has been, rather good.  As a result Microsoft’s announcement hardware event in New York on October 6 is attracting a lot of attention.

Since Apple is charging a fortune for what is essentially an out-of-date Surface, punters are keen to see what Microsoft will come up with that is much better.

Everyone is expecting an Intel Skylake processor lurking under the Surface Pro 4’s glass display and perhaps some movement on available RAM and storage capacities (the current Surface Pro 3 tops out with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD).   It will have, of course Windows 10.

Apple was not the only one copying the Surface. Lenovo introduced its ideapad MIIX 700, which incorporates its own kickstand and an Intel Skylake-based Core m7 processor. But when the Surface Pro 4 is out all competition bets will be off.  Curiously it is Microsoft which is the innovation leader all of a sudden.

How on earth did that happen?


Apple’s cunning plan is coming unstuck

cunning-planApple’s cunning plan to elbow its way onto business systems is coming unstuck.

This week it released a Microsoft’s Surface clone in a bid to convince businesses that it was a serious company.

However, analysts say that Apple’s business plans are failing because, unlike the consumer market where brain dead fanboys will buy a dog turd if it had an Apple label, companies have more common sense. They are reluctant to switch software vendors and use an expensive device that lacks specialized business apps, analysts said.

Daniel Ives, a senior analyst at FBR Capital Markets said that Apple had tried to focus on the enterprise but over the last two years, it has not been successful. The enterprise market, which is how Apple refers to its business customers, represents 10 percent of its $183 billion annual revenue, he said.

It’s one big client has been General Electric who gave 305,000 employees the option to use Apple devices at work, with 20,000 iPads and 60,000 iPhones now available in their offices. Just 10,000 of its 170,000 office workers using computers on a regular basis use a Mac.

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said the iPad Pro was faster than 80 percent of portable PCs, signalling that Apple may think the device could replace workplace laptops from companies like Dell and HP. Schiller called the iPad Pro “ideal for professional productivity.”

But it is hard to find an analyst, who does not have Apple shares, who thinks that the company will pull it off.

The price of its products is one obstacle Apple faces as it tries to move deeper into the enterprise market.

The iPad Pro starts at $799 but costs more than $1,000 if buyers also want a keyboard and an optional stylus. That’s more than Apple’s existing tablets as well as devices made by Microsoft and other PC makers like Lenovo. It’s about the same price as Apple’s own MacBook Air, a laptop.

The iPad Pro’s biggest competitor is likely Microsoft’s 12-inch Surface Pro 3, also geared towards the business market. It is cheaper and its software plays very nice with office networks.

In July, Microsoft said its Surface line of tablets brought in $888 million in the most recent quarter, up 117 percent from the same time last year, boosted in largest part by the Surface Pro 3 and the launch of Surface 3.

Keith Bachman, a senior analyst at BMO Capital Markets said that while the iPad Pro has a lot of utility and technology that Apple brought to bear but unfortunately the price never goes away as a challenge.

In the meantime, Apple has entered into partnerships with IBM and Cisco, aimed at creating more enterprise-friendly software to run on iOS, the Apple operating system, but little is known about these partnerships.

Apple releases Surface Pro and last year’s iPhone

Old Apple logo - Wikimedia CommonsIn a sign that Apple has run out of ideas, the fruity cargo cult it released a swath of gadgets yesterday, which have already been released by its rivals.

The biggest “invocation” was a 12.9-inch iPad, which is hardly a revolutionary idea. What made the gadget new was that it borrowed Microsoft’s much-mocked stylus. Apple fanboys everywhere laughed at Vole for using a stylus even when there were indications that no one used it. Of course, now they have to eat their words as Apple has adopted it.

Apple’s Pencil is powered and it means you will have to charge it every 12 hours which defeats about 80 percent of the reason you would use a pencil.

Apple has come up with a Smart Keyboard, meanwhile, which attaches to the iPad Pro using a new port on the side of the tablet. Apple is calling it the Smart Connector – it looks like three small, circular buttons and supplies both power and data to the keyboard when you need to do some serious typing. We say “serious” but anyone who types for a living will hate it. However the entire set up  is identical to Microsoft’s Surface again – only much more expensive.

Both accessories are launching in November, and you will have to buy them separately from the iPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard costs $169, while the Pencil comes in at $99. That is an extra $268 on top of the iPad Pro’s $799 starting price, tipping the set over the $1,000 mark. This is a lot of dosh for a keyboard-less netbook, which is already in the shops much cheaper.

Another disappointment was Apple’s announcement of its iPhone 6S and 6S plus. The Tame Apple Press had claimed that this would save Apple from the perils of the dying smartphone market.

This time the iPhones are made from a 7000 custom aluminium alloy that is used in airspace which might not bend as much as its predecessor. The phone comes with a 3D Touch sensor that will detect if you tap or press, and the level of pressure. It will let you read a glimpse of an email if you press harder, it will show more so long as you keep pressing.

This “so what” feature is the only thing new on the phone, which otherwise is identical to last years’ devices. Phones will have the same 4.7-inch screen for the iPhone 6S and 5.5 inch for the Plus.
Apple’s SVP of hardware Phill Shiller has mentioned that they come with glass with a dual ion technology called voodoo magic. We guess it means that it has been soaked with the blood of a Chinese sweatshop labourer, because we cannot otherwise see what is magical or voodoo about the tech. We advise that you leave it at a crossroads and walk away without turning back.

Apple’s A9 chip is using the brand new transistors, and the Phil Shiller claims that the new chip has incredible graphics, the motion coprocessor M9 is built inside of the chip but then again he is likely to say that even if they were complete pants.

The camera has a few more megapixels, but this is thanks to an iSight camera sensor, coming from Sony rather than anything clever from Apple.

The phone does have 4k video, but given that there is no 4k content available and the fact that it will eat up shedloads of bandwidth, few may want it.

Pre-orders start on September 12 and shipping on September 26 to the top ten countries. iOS 9 will be available on September 16. The pricing remains the same as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S and the storage remains at 16GB, 64GB and 128GB

What should be worrying Apple investors here is that it is clear that innovation has shifted away from Apple to other companies. Those who bought Apple because it was flashy and packed full of gadgets will have to look elsewhere. Copying everyone else is the status quo in the smartphone industry, Apple has made a name for itself by doing things first.

Jobs’ Mob also seems even less in touch with the market in terms of price. The market does not need a more expensive Surface Pro. It also does not need a new smartphone which is more or less identical to last year’s model.

Apple theft carried out by “geniuses”

dog dayApple is proud of the fact that the majority of its customers know nothing about computing and should be happy that the thieves that try to steal the gear know nothing about stealing.

Four US men have been arrested for the theft of more than a million dollars of MacBook Airs which sounds a lot but is actually only a couple.

The men were arrested are accused of “participating in a scheme to steal, transport, and sell a shipment of approximately 1,200 computers, valued at over $1 million, that were bound for two public high schools in New Jersey”.

Rather than saving the kids of New Jersey from the perils of the Apple Cargo cult, it would appear that the men thought they could make a lot of dosh from stealing the laptops. Sadly for them, planning was not one of their strong suits.

One of the men, Anton Saljanin, was hired to transport 1,195 laptops from a vendor in Massachusetts on January 15, 2014, after having successfully delivered 1,300 other laptops.

Saljanin appears to have stopped at home in Yorktown Heights, New York, where he left the large, rented Penske truck in a parking lot overnight. When he came back the next day, he told police, the truck was gone. The coppers smelt a rat because he told them that no one else knew that he was making the delivery.

Later in the day, Saljanin told Yorktown Police that he went looking for the truck, and happened to find it in a parking lot just off  Interstate 84 in Danbury, Connecticut, approximately 27 miles away.

He claimed that he spotted it from the highway by coincidence. When coppers investigated there was no sign that the truck had been broken into. However there were indications that it had been broken into at the Danbury parking lot.

Another problem was that the you could not see the Danbury Parking Lot if you were driving along Interstate 84.

Then there was the small matter of the surveillance footage which showed the truck being driven by Saljanin and his brother, Gjon a few minutes before the truck was supposed to have been stolen. Instead of going to the Yorktown parking lot it was seen near the home of another one of the defendants, Ujka Vulaj.

All the timings suggest that the time difference between the story are perfect for the amount of time it would take to drive to Vulaj’s residence, unload the computers, and return to the route to the Front Street Parking Lot.

Vulaj and a bloke called Carlos Caceres, sold some of the laptops for as little as half of their regular retail price—$500 in cash.


Apple 12.9 inch iPad slated for the fourth quarter

Apple iPad AirApple is expected to introduce a 12.9 inch iPad in the fourth quarter of this year.

That’s according to a report in Digitimes, which said that the machine will use Sharp Open Cell LCD displays.

But Apple will second source Samsung for displays too.

Foxconn has a close relationship with Japanese company Sharp, according to the wire, which quotes unnamed industry sources.

The same sources believe that Apple will ship as many as five million iPad Pro tablets during the fourth quarter.

Foxconn subsidiary General Interface Solution will supply touch units, lamination, and assembly, Digitimes reported.