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LG sells in-car displays to Porsche and Honda

tv-carIn a move to save its perky bottom line, LG Electronics is to supply Honda and Porsche with in-car displays.

The company has been looking to auto business sales to counter weak sales at its mainstay television and smartphone units.

LG Electronics has started mass production of the Honda’s centre information displays, which will be placed in the console. It will start doing the same for Porsche in the first half of 2016.

LG Display is supplying the liquid crystal display panels. In the April-June quarter, LG’s new auto business, which involves various products including in-car displays and camera systems, accounted for 11.5 percent of overall sales in the April-June quarter.

LG Electronics is also working with BMW, General Motors and Mercedes Benz for research and development of centre information displays, but so far no products have arrived yet.

Honda punch drunk from data leak

Carmaker Honda has warned its US punters that their personal details, including their car identification numbers, will be in the hands of hackers.

More than two million customers, whose details were contained in an e-mail database, have seen their data nicked.

Although Honda have not said it, it might be connected to the recent breach of the e-mail marketing firm Silverpop Systems.

Honda used Silverpop for years. Its data was breached and  customer data from McDonald’s and deviantArt nicked.

Honda said that the list contained the names, login names, e-mail addresses and vehicle identification numbers of more than two million Honda owners. Another list, containing only the e-mail addresses of nearly three million Acura car owners, was also copied.

The carmaker confirmed that no financial information was included in the hacked customer lists.

Honda has e-mailed everyone to warn them that their details have been stolen. It is worried that owners could be hit with an effective phishing attack. After all many will talk to phishers if they appear to be Honda and have their vehicle ID number.

“Be cautious of unsolicited emails requesting personal information. Often, these communications can look official. Be cautious of unsolicited emails requesting personal information.” Honda warned its customers

“If ever asked for this information, you can be confident it is not from us,” the warning said.