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Sales of LCD TVs to hit 180 million this year

Last year the flat panel TV market was bouyant and bucked the economic trend, mostly because of sales to mainland China and Japan.

Now market research company Displaysearch is predicting that sales of TV worldwide will reach 228 million units – and 180 million of those will be LCD TVs.

Hisakazu Torii, VP of TV market research at Displaysearch, said LCD TVs will grow by 24 percent compared to 2009. He said: “This is helped by the introduction of new technologies like 3D, as well as the expansion of newer features like LED backlights and internet connectivity.”

LCD TV projections

Torii said that a drop in prices contributed to the good figures in 2009 – LCD TV average prices fell by 24 percent compared to 2009. But this year average prices will fall by five percent for LCD TVs and 10 percent for plasma TVs.

The reason for that is that there’s more growth in larger screen sizes, and there’s increaded share of more pricey LED backlit LCD TV models. They carry a premium.

Sales of plasma TVs will rise about six percent this year to represent over 15 million units. 3D plasma TVs will also be introduced by a number of different manufacturers.

As for CRT TVs – shipments will carry on fading from the market and drop by 36 percent this year. Last year sales fell by 40 percent.

In 2010, LED backlit TV shipments will exceed 35 million units, Displaysearch thinks.