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Gates rubbished over robot tax idea

Software King of the World and sworn enemy of the mosquito, Sir William Gates III, has attracted much mock over his idea to tax robots.

Gates pointed out that if robots were going to do the work of a person they should be taxed. That way at least they could help pay the unemployment benefits of those who don’t have jobs because of the robots.

Former Treasury Secretary Summers wrote a Washington Post opinion piece  in which he dubbed Gates “profoundly misguided”.

“Why pick on robots?” Summers said that progress, however messy and disruptive sometimes, ultimately benefits society overall.

Mike Shedlock, a financial adviser with Sitka Pacific Capital Management in Edmonds, Washington, wrote on his bog that robot owners, who likely would pay the tax, would simply pass it along by jacking up prices.

The European Union’s parliament in February rejected a measure to impose a tax on robots, using much the same reasoning as Gates’ critics.

However, it was not all criticism. One Bloomberg columnist thought Gates was right to say that we should start thinking ahead of time about how to use policy to mitigate the disruptions of automation.” So if we’re not going to tax robots, then how should society handle the next great wave of automated labour?

Bill Gates is a master of disguise

Gates disguised as someone from before WW1 when everyone was black and white (Gates is on the right)

Software king of the world, and sworn enemy of the mosquito Sir William Gates III is a master of disguise and moves among his subjects invisibly.

In response to a question during his annual Reddit ask me anything session, Microsoft magnet  Gates says that it doesn’t take too much for him to blend in with the crowd.

“I sometimes wear a hat. For example when I did college tours with my son I wanted the focus to be totally on him. A lot less people recognise me when I have a hat on or else they realise I am trying to be incognito.”

He did not reveal the secret hat he uses and we suspect he can be found under a baseball cap.

The hat disguise is not exactly foolproof. But that’s okay, writes Gates: “Mostly when people do recognise me they are super nice so I don’t feel it is a burden to be noticed most of the time.”

Gates isn’t the only tech celebrity with a penchant for using hats as a disguise. Steve Jobs used to think he could disguise himself from the great unwashed by wearing a top hat. Of course, a top hat is going to attract attention but people saw it and assumed he was just a mad man and looked the other way.

Gates calls for Robot tax

Software king and sworn enemy of the mosquito, Sir William Gates III, has been suggesting that companies pay a tax on the robots they use.

Gate’s reasoning is that if a robot takes human job, it should continue to pay that human’s taxes.

In a recent interview with Quartz, Bill Gates said the move would temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment.

Money gained from taxing robots could then be used to finance jobs taking care of elderly people or working with kids in schools — jobs which humans are particularly well suited for:

Gates said that governments must oversee such programs rather than relying on businesses, to redirect the jobs to help people with lower incomes.

EU lawmakers considered a proposal to tax robot owners to pay for training for workers who lose their jobs. In the end though the legislators rejected it. Gate said that governments should be willing to raise the tax level and even slow down the speed of automation.

He said that technology and business cases for replacing humans in a wide range of jobs are arriving simultaneously, and it’s important to be able to manage that displacement.

“You cross the threshold of job replacement of certain activities all sort of at once,” Gates said. Warehouse work is already doomed.

Ballmer and Gates fell out over smartphones

ballmer_gatesThe shy and retired former Micorosft supreme dalek Steve Ballmer is claiming that he fell out with the Bane of the Mosquito Sir William Gates over building smartphones.

According to Fortune magazine, in 2010 Ballmer and Gates fell out over taking Microsoft into the hardware space.

Ballmer said there was a “fundamental disagreement” about “how important it was to be in the hardware business,” specifically phones.

“I had pushed Surface. The board had been a little reluctant in supporting it. And then things came to a climax around what to do about the phone business.”

He said he would have moved into the hardware business faster and recognised that what we had in the PC, where there was a separation of chips, systems and software, wasn’t largely going to reproduce itself in the mobile world.

Vole did get into the phone market but was too late to take a forceful position in the market. Ballmer pushed for the eventual $9.5 billion-dollar purchase of Nokia handset unit, and most of the entire value of that deal required a write down.

Gates is still coining it in

young-bill-gatesWhile he appears to have dedicated most of his fortune in a war against the mosquito, former software king of the world Sir William Gates III is still the world’s richest man.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the net worth of the world’s richest person Bill Gates hit $90 billion. This was thanks to Gates’ gains in public holdings including Canadian National Railway Company and Ecolab.

He is now  $13.5 billion richer than the world’s second-wealthiest person, Spanish retail mogul Amancio Ortega. At $90 billion, the Microsoft Corp. co-founder’s personal net worth is equal to 0.5 percent of US GDP.

Less than two weeks ago, Bill Gates topped Forbes‘ “100 Richest Tech Billionaires in The World 2016” list with an estimated fortune of $78 billion.  It seems that the gods are continuing to smile on Gates, who has dedicated his wealth to saving the world from extinction. Now it seems that the more he gives away the more he gets back from other profitable deals.

It is all a noble cause which almost makes you forgive all those antitrust campaigns in the 1990s.


Windows 10 upgrade could cause Sudanese deaths

P1-AU854_BGPoli_G_20100422181339Sir William Gates III might be a bit hacked off with his former company’s Windows 10 update policy which could result in the deaths of Africans trying to save Sudanese wildlife.

After all Sir Bill is trying to save countless Africans from dying at the hands of the mosquito, while Microsoft might be responsible for bumping a few of them off.

The Chinko Project manages rainforest and savannah in the east of the CAR, near the border with South Sudan. It has all sorts of problems to deal with including poachers and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

It is doing all this on a shoestring and with limited bandwidth so when the whole lot went down because a donated laptop started to upgrade to Windows 10 the Project went into a panic.

After all, if rangers were under fire from armed militarised poachers, blood could literally be on Microsoft’s hands.

Microsoft’s handling of the Windows 10 upgrade has raised a number of eyebrows for its heavy handedness and shear inconvenience. The last thing an outfit, which depends on expensive satellite communications for internet access, wants is a multi-gigabyte automatic upgrade gumming up the works.

Given how cash strapped the organisation is, Microsoft might like to send a nice donation for putting their lives at risk.  Bill Gates might want to have a word with the company, after all there is no point saving people from dying from Malaria if they are going to be killed off by a Windows 10 update.

If you would like to help the organisation you might like to make a donation here


Al-Qaeda wants Bill Gates dead

young-bill-gatesProving that it still has its finger on the jugular of the world, Yesterday’s terror group Al-Qaeda has ordered the execution of Bill Gates in a bid to bring down American business.

The memo that Bill Gates does not work at Microsoft any more does not seem to have reached the Saudi Arabian-backed brain-dead terrorists who were so clever they were replaced by the IS death cult.  All killing Bill Gates would do would give the mosquito a reprieve and could  result in the death of lots of Muslim terrorists in the jungles of Africa from malaria.

According to latest edition of Al-Qaeda’s propaganda magazine Inspire, which we get for the spot the brain cell competition, the group hope that by murdering such high ranking people they can damage the US economy, and included photoshopped images of Gates covered in blood to encourage followers.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) obtained a copy of the magazine and said it also gives details on how to carry out the executions.

The magazine, based in Yemen, reportedly says: “The prophet ordered the killing of many criminal leaders using this method… and here we are, following the footsteps of the prophet on how he dealt with his enemies and friends. We will never put down our weapons until we fulfil what Allah wants from us.”

It also urges radical Islamists to carry out street-killings of American Jews.

“We are determined to keep fighting and striking Americans with operations by organised jihadi groups and by Lone Jihad, (and) pursuing America in its homeland – by the will of Allah.”

Gates calls for balance on snooping

young-bill-gatesEnemy of the mosquito and brains behind Microsoft, Sir William Gates (junior) has called for more balance when it comes to government snooping on emails.

Gates said no one needed to be an “absolutist” on either side of the digital privacy debate. Gates said he supports his Vole’s lawsuit against the US government seeking the freedom to tell customers when federal agencies have sought their data.

“There probably are some cases where (the government) should be able to go in covertly and get information about a company’s email. But the position Microsoft is taking in this suit is that it should be extraordinary and it shouldn’t be a matter of course that there is a gag order automatically put in,” he said.

The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court in Microsoft’s home town of Seattle, argues that the government is violating the U.S. Constitution by preventing Microsoft from notifying thousands of customers about government requests for their emails and other documents, sometimes indefinitely.

Gates said more collaboration between law enforcement and privacy advocates would help determine which “legislative framework … strikes the perfect balance” on government access to private data.

“I don’t think there are any absolutists who think the government should be able to get everything or the government should be able to get nothing,” Gates, 60, said.

Gates and Allen hacked to meet girls

young-bill-gatesSoftware King of the World and sworn enemy of the mosquito Sir William Gates III has been telling a story about his school daze with his chum Paul Allen.

The pair apparently hacked the computer at Lakeside School so that they could meet girls. The cunning plan was that they would enrol Gates into classes, where he would be the only bloke which would give him a change.  The only drawback to this plan was that Gates was too “inept” to pluck up more than “a little bit” of courage – ending the venture in failure.

“Unfortunately for him he was two years ahead of me and he was off to college by then. So I was the one who benefited by being able to have the nice girls at least sit near me. It wasn’t that I could talk to them or anything — but they were there. I think I was particularly inept at talking to girls, or thinking, ‘OK — do you ask them out, do you not?’ When I went off to Harvard I was a little bit more sociable. But I was below average on talking to girls,” he told the Beeb.

Apparently the teachers were having a tough time working out how to use the computer, which subsequently gave Gates and Allen access, to see whether they could work out how to use the machine.

Gates and Allen had a good grasp of the computer, they gave programming lessons to some of the other students. Their knack for programming resulted in the two fixing software problems for various companies.

Trump wants Gates to turn off the internet

trumpuckerComedy US presidential candidate Donald Trump wants Bill Gates to switch off that internet thing to stop good Americans being corrupted by the Islamic State death cult.

Trump told a campaign rally in South Carolina, America’s best shot at preventing Americans from joining ISIS involves “closing that internet up” in “certain areas”.

The way Trump sees it, the United States is “losing a lot of people because of the internet, and it has to have to “do something”.

He thinks if Bill Gates closes the internet down in towns full of people who marked ‘terrorist’ in their United States Census forms, people will not connect to and join the Islamic State. Great minds like that are clearly above the rest of the world’s thinking.

But how would Trump go about closing the internet down? Apparently, he’d seek the advice of “Bill Gates and a lot of different people who really understand what’s happening”.

Trump said that closing the internet down will probably make people worry about free speech. But Trump also explained that “these are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people”.

We thought that foolish people made America great, but we must have watched the wrong campaign sound bite.

Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos told Donald Trump on Twitter that he “will still reserve him a seat on the Blue Origin rocket. #sendDonaldtospace” after being trashed by the presidential hopeful earlier in the day.