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Floating solar rafts come to light

Kyocera floating solar raftsJapanese firm Kyocera said that it has finished construction of two floating solar power plants in Japan.

The floating rafts, built at Nishira Pond and Higashihira Pond in the Hyogo preferecture will generate 3,300 megawatt hours (MWh) a year. The first wil generate 1.7MW, and the second 1.2MW.

The rafts use a total of 11,256 modules and started operation at the end of March. The electricity the rafts generate will be sold to the local utility.

Kyocera said solar rafts generate more electricity than ground mounted or rooftop systems because the water cools them. They also reduce evaporation from the reervoirs and limit the growth of algae.

The platforms are completely recyclable and use high density polyethelene, as well as being designed to resist natural forces such as typhoons.