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Scientists create 3D graphene shapes

GrapheneGraphene, which holds promise for future electronics devices, comes normally in flat sheets.

But scientists at the University of Illinois said they’ve been able to form 3D shapes from those flat sheets.

And that, they said, holds great promise for future graphene MEMS hybrid devices and for flexible electronics.

SungWoo Nam, an assistant professor at Illinois, said a variety of structures can be created including pyramids, pillars, domes, and 3D integration of gold nanoparticles.

“The flexibility and 3D nature of our structures will enable intimate biosensing devices which can be conformed to the shape and characteristics of human skin and other biological systems,” said Nam. “We also expect that our new 3D integration approach will facilitate advanced classes of hybrid devices beween microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and 2D materials for sensing and actuation.”