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British pub installs Faraday cage

Faraday-CageA pub has installed a Faraday cage to stop punters using their mobile phones and annoying everyone by shouting their location into them or by constantly looking at their messages.

Steve Tyler of the Gin Tub, in Hove, East Sussex, is hoping customers will be encouraged to actually talk to each other as a result of his initiative.

He has installed metal mesh in the walls and ceiling of the bar which absorbs and redistributes the electromagnetic signals from phones and wireless devices to prevents them entering the interior of the building.

The method was discovered in 1836 by Michael Faraday although it is not clear who was using a mobile phone at that point in history.

The idea is used in power plants or other highly charged environments to prevent shocks or interference with other electronic equipment.  Some wallets are now cloaked in a similar flexible mesh to prevent data and credit card theft.

Tyler said he wanted to force “people to interact in the real world” and remember how to socialise.

“I just wanted people to enjoy a night out in my bar, without being interrupted by their phones,” he said.

Normally you dont have to worry about drinks that don’t touch the sides, but we would be careful going near the walls during a lightning storm.