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TV prices to fall

Statue of John Logie Board, Wikimedia CommonsIf you’re thinking of buying an LCD TV in this quarter or in the third quarter you can expect to pay less.

That’s according to a survey from market research company IHS which said that there’s oversupply of the LCD panels in this quarter and in the third quarter which means you can expect to pay less for units.

Average selling prices for 32-inch, 40-inch and 55-inch LCD TV panels have fallen since March 2015.

Last year it was very different because there was a surge of demand for larger size models.

But while some territories can expect prices to fall, other areas including Eastern Europe, Russia and South America will see TVs costing more because of currency fluctuations.

Alex Kang, a senior analyst at IHS Technology, said that the industry is worried about a potential oversupply this year. “TV set makers are considering lowering TV sales targets and downsizing orders for panels amid sluggish consumer sales caused by foreign exchange volatility.”