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Pokemon Go had the shelf life of fresh milk

Pokemon Go hands onAs far as fads go, Pokemon Go has to be one of the shortest lived ones we have seen.

While Pokémon GO has inspired a massive boost in merchandise and game sales, interest in the actual game is falling fast.  The paying population of the game is now down by 79 percent from its mid-July peak. It’s still easily the most profitable mobile app in the US, but that is not really saying much.

According to analysts at Slice Intelligence, at its peak Pokémon GO inspired twice as many people as normal to spend money on mobile games, but that’s now returned to normal.

But Pokémon GO still accounts for 28 percent  of all money spent on mobile games in America, bringing in six times more than nearest rival Candy Crush Saga.

It is not clear if Pokémon GO will continue to decline or if it follows Candy Crush Saga, it remains highly popular but just at a lower level than before. Our guess is that it will not.

Most analysts think that a cold winter will finish the game off completely. Wandering around the countryside is going to lose some of its appeal through snow drifts.


Digital detox latest new age fad

The latest head fad in the Land of the Free is the digital detox.

After a recent academic study suggesting social media is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol, US travel agents are trying to sell digital detox holiday packages.

Caribbean island destination St Vincent and the Grenadines will ask guests on the detox package to hand over their mobiles and gadgets. In Jamaica that is just called a robbery, but the effect is the same.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the New Agers are flocking to such holidays which don’t have wi-fi in the hotel, which could mean rebirth for the British sea-side B&Bs. Although it is a little cruel given the fact that the weather on a British away break for two is likely to be wet and there is actually nothing to do.

On a recent holiday to the UK TechEye staff had a digital detox by taking an Asus netbook along. When it managed a connection it was so slow that the holiday was over before an email was collected.

Twitter is full of detox notices. Swedish web designer Jens Wedin posted a simple one this week: “DIGITAL DETOX: See you in September”.

Not everyone is good at it. Kate Toon, a copywriter and digital consultant who works from the central coast, wrote in her blog that she tried a  week of digital detox and it was an abject failure.

The backlash against the iPad begins

People are starting to wake up and wonder why they spent good money that they don’t have on an Apple iPad.

It is like waking up after a night of partying to discover that the cute blonde with a winning personality you thought you had copped off with at the office Christmas party turned out to be the chunky woman from accounts with a moustache and a personal hygiene problem.

Two weeks before the same hysteria that swept the US over the iPad hits blighty, reviewers in the US are wondering what the hell they were thinking about.

Fairly typical was this one  from Techland where the reviewer said that he was unlikely to ever use the thing again.

In fact, since Peter Ha took the wrapping off the beast he has hardly ever used it.

“I spent over $800 on it and it has been sitting on my couch untouched for days. I don’t have the luxury of spending that much money without thinking twice about it,” he moaned.

He said he still thought the iPad was a great device, but the apps just aren’t doing much for him. And he could not be bothered sticking in his wireless network password every 20-30 minutes.

It seems Ha, like many iPad owners, are just waking up to the fact of something that we have been saying for ages. This is basically that tablet devices don’t have a place and anything that says they do is just marketing.

There are others moaning here,  here and there and there will be more as time wears on.

The fact that the iPad can’t see Flash, its apps are junk, and you need arms like the Incredible Hulk to read anything longer than a page, does not enter into it. The fact is no one really wants a keyboardless netbook which is crippled by an AT&T service which is as horrendous as it is on the iPhone.

After a while,  using an iPhone operating system on a tablet with no file management system or ability to multi-task is just driving everyone nuts.

What is sad is that as the fad wears off and Jobs’ Mob’s gizmo is consigned to the rubbish bin with the hula hoop, it will make money again in all the countries that have not seen it. Then, Jobs will start another wave of interest with the next generation version. People will believe that the reason that they are dissatisfied with the first generation gizmo is because the second generation one has all their needs.

Hopefully by the time the third generation comes along even these guys will realise that the iPad is technology that no one needs.