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HP readies EVA storage re-vamp

Sources close to HP in South Africa say that the company is readying two models of EVA as part of its storage strategy.

The models, dubbed the P6300 and the P6500, are similar but will have a different number of disk shelves and possibly different speeds for the controller microprocessors. Both will have only one controller shelf containing the two controllers inside.

It’s expected that there will be an Ethernet connection, while there will also be FC going to the SAN.

The P6300 is expected to support five SFF shelves or 10 LFF shelves, while the P6500 will support 10 SFF and 18 SFFs. The shelves will also support the long awaited enterprise class SSDs.

The EVAs will support thin provisioning and this could be the reason why HP was so eager to buy 3PAR.

HP is expected to show off the features of these units in February, although it’s not clear yet when the hardware will be ready to ship.