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US government temporarily lifts ZTE export block

zte-corporationThe US  government has temporarily lifted export curbs it imposed on ZTE for alleged Iran sanctions violations.

ZTE has been “in active, constructive discussions” with the Commerce Department for the past week attempting to resolve the matter.

Apparently the outfit made binding commitments to the US government and Commerce expects this week to be able to provide temporary relief from some licensing requirements.

“The relief would be temporary in nature and would be maintained only if ZTE is abiding by its commitments to the U.S. Government,” the official added.

The details of the commitments are expected to be published this week in the US Federal Register.

ZTE promised to ensure all of its operational activities adhere to international standards of its host countries and it will continue to communicate with relevant parties to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

ZTE is the No. 4 smartphone vendor in the United States, with a seven percent market share, behind Apple, Samsung and LG. It sells handset devices to three of the four largest U.S. mobile carriers.

The export restrictions have drawn protests from the Chinese government and really stuffed up ZTE’s business.