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HP pouts over T3 awards snub

Hewlett Packard has been caught trying to wing its way back into the good favour of the T3 Awards panel, after being left off this year’s shortlist.

An internal email from PR agency Edelman – accidentally emailed to journalists – revealed HP is a tad put out about not being included on the list of nominees at the gadget awards bash.

It seems that HP thought it would get an award for the mantlepiece but was removed from the running for some reason.

Edelman is now asking event organisers for a couple of quid off their table booking fee – that or getting HP’s name back on the roll call.  

The email said about the awards: “Following HP’s removal from shortlist at T3 Awards, Edelman to speak to T3 about reducing the price of HP’s table or enquiring into the possibility of re entering HP onto the shortlist for the Awards.”

Edelman was also concerned about Sky 1 TV show Project Runway, which Hewlett Packard has sponsored in the past. The email read: “Edelman to confirm if and what channel/date Project Runway will air in the UK so that a press release can be distributed”.

A fashion journalist commented, to TechEye, on Project Runway: “In blunt terms, it’s s***. It’s just another TV show which aims to make money seemingly promoting the fashion industry. Once the “recruits” have gone through their paces and embarrassed on air, the likelyhood that they’ll get anywhere after the show is small.”

EyeSpy – We notice HP is holding an event at Shoreditch house. We presume we are on the guestlist.

Best Buy and Edelman confuse with Kindle Fire claims

The Amazon Kindle Fire was announced to quite some fanfare, and the budget tablet will likely be of interest to plenty of British punters in the run up to Christmas.

A tablet that is cheap enough to warrant doing nothing more than playing Angry Birds and watching reruns of EastEnders?  Sounds like a better idea than shelling out half a grand on the iPad to do exactly the same.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Kindle is on its way to the shores of Britain anytime soon.

Strange, then, that PR firm Edelman is sending around a press release today about new Kindle products on behalf of BestBuy UK, leaning on its expertise in tablets.

Best Buy UK, we are told, “focuses on providing the latest and greatest products” and “that includes a large selection of e-readers and tablets for them to test and try”.

In fact Best Buy UK is “excited by how fast the tablet industry is growing and evolving”, and so hopes to offer “customers unrivalled and 100% impartial advice in tablets”.

Despite assurances that Amazon is a “valued partner”, and how “thrilled” they are, we found a Fire-shaped hole in its Kindle offerings.

Could it be that Edelman is jumping on the back of a major release to attempt to flog the second prize to UK customers?  Surely not.

But we don’t want a Kindle Keyboard, we want a Kindle Fire, so we called up Best Buy UK to make use of its “unrivalled” tablet gurus to find out when and how we can get one.

Unfortunately, we were met with what can only be imagined as a blank expression on the face of our tablet scholar when we mentioned the Fire. 

Best Buy UK had no clue when it would be available, had no way of finding out such information, and told us that it would be best to look for another tablet.

Clearly we can’t expect Best Buy UK call centres to change Amazon’s release plans in the space of a five minute phone call. But we can’t help but feel that both Best Buy UK and Edelman are guilty of using the hype to offload other products on the public.   

AMD reshuffles Ministry of Propaganda

There is some serious reshuffling going on with AMD’s marketing and media relations. It has allegedly sacked off a decades-long relationship with its cronies at comms agency Bite and is planning a switch from the trusted Text100.

It seems AMD’s agency operations in the US have been handed to PR giant Edelman, with a release arriving this morning about its FX-brand rumblings at E3. “Gaming evolved,” it says. PR evolved too?

Remember, the primary function of agency PR is trumped-up administration. Edelman is the world’s first PR company, founded by a man with allegedly questionable intrigue in Germany’s propaganda from World War Two. Here’s an Edelman rebuttal to a Der Spiegel article on the matter. 

In-house PR is mainly about crisis management and building relationships rather than burying stories and twirling a knife behind one’s back. Unsurprising revelations from top industry sources in top industry companies tell us they hate their agencies and the desire they hold to do all their work for them. The jumped-up faux-espionage, manipulation and plotting is too much of a headache.

As a journalist it can be hard to remember that public relations professionals are not your friend. It should be an industry requirement to have a loop of The Thick Of It’s top spinner Malcolm Tucker swearing, on loop for at least an hour, before any briefings.

Our attitude to them is as a dog to a lamp post. The many blogs of firms gargantuan to microscopic putting forth examinations on positive spin and cultivated relationships would have you think otherwise.

Here’s a carefully considered briefing document from Intel’s PR department in 2001. Sentences have probably been shuffled since but we assure you the general message is the same.  

Bite must have been chewing on AMD’s toes enough for it to consider a brand refresh all round.

As lead brand suit Nigel Dessau recently revealed, branding is going to be a top agenda for the quiet AMD as it rolls out Fusion. We guess it thought Edelman was better suited to shout from the rooftops.

Meanwhile, Text100’s website reads: “You’ll also see many well established global brands in our client list: IBM, American Express, Lenovo, Cisco and AMD.” As with bottles of beer on the wall, you can knock off AMD in the very near future.

Text100 is to Bite as IBM is to EMC. We wonder who will get the UK account, long story short, it’s not Text100. There is a conference call later for some kind of marketing announcement.

Clegg takes pole position in General Election social networking stakes

Webtrends has kindly sent us some of its latest social media analytics in the run up to the general election, and they show us that Clegg’s popularity has soared since the election debate, trouncing the opposition with a 50.1 percent lead in mentions over the last seven days.

Christian Howes, of Webtrends, told us that he has been toying around with social media and the public for the last year and a half, keeping a close eye on whether mentions directly mirror results. It started out with the last Big Brother, where he had a fantastic success rate – based on the trends, he was only wrong about the outcome of evictions once. Even on Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor, both of which have trickier evictions to predict because of the nature of their voting systems, his predictions were right about 75 percent of the time.

He also told us that Big Brother’s Halfwit got more mentions than Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg when he was on the telly. It’s a far cry from the constant fifty percent share between the big three parties he’s been enjoying since yesterday. Looking at this graph, it’s clear that the huge spike was a result of the first televised election debate (the one where David Cameron lied about meeting a black ten year old sailor).

Of all those tweets and posts that Clegg has been mentioned in, he’s got a massive 41 percent of positive mentions. Compare this to Gordo at 12 percent and David Cameron at a measly eight percent and it’s clear to see who’s most popular at the moment. Obviously it is not exactly the same as The X Factor or Big Brother as people tend to be more private about who they vote for, says Christian, but the results are interesting anyway. Although digital media doesn’t represent all of Britain, trends tend to be mirrored anyway.

Parties are only just beginning to take platforms such as Twitter seriously, according to this blog at Edelman.

Here are the mention statistics over the last month, seven days, and yesterday: