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Britons wish for iPad 2 over world peace

You can never trust these PR surveys too much, but one has just suggested that the good people of Britain, if they could have any wish, would prefer an iPad 2 over world peace.

Topping the list was ‘one million pounds’, presumably because with that you can buy many, many iPad 2s.

The rest of the chart is a grim suggestion about the state of affairs – other entries were ‘be famous’, ‘cosmetic surgery’, ‘sports car’, ‘mansion’, ‘meet a celebrity’ and ‘own a designer wardrobe’.

One, who clearly missed out on the JD Sports free-for-all this grim summer, said they’d like an unlimited supply of new trainers. 

The problem with these surveys is whoever conducts the research can pick and choose who they ask and what they ask. It looks like Tellallofmyfriends.com exclusively inquired with under-18s at the early auditions of The X Factor, or at least you’d hope so.