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Debt collectors dog you on Facebook

Debt collectors are monitoring Facebook to track down people who they think owe them cash and to contact their friends and family if they don’t pay up.

The trend has been noticed in the US where one woman in Tampa told WTSP’s Beau Zimmershe had been receiving as many as 20 calls per day from MarkOne Financial after getting sick and falling behind on her car payments.

Then her sister rang her up and said she had received a call from the outfit who had found out her details from Facebook.

“Then one day she got a call from her sister saying the company contacted her in Georgia,” Zimmer wrote.

Consumer lawyer Billy Howard, of Morgan & Morgan, said that Facebook was doing a debt collector’s work for them. It allowed them to find you, your family members and your kids friends.

Howard warned that stalking people through Facebook and embarrissing people in front of their friends could become a standard technique for debt collectors if action isn’t taken.

Howard has filed a lawsuit to make his point, but that is in the US where there are some strange laws about debt collection.

However in Blighty we are not sure if there is much that can stop some of the more dubious debt collectors doing the same sort of thing.