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Voice over IP outfit has laugh with marketers

A Voice over IP outfit decided to turn its unused phone numbers into a trap for tele-marketers 

The move was a silly season idea to see how many messages they got which were sent by cold calling marketing people. Given that the number didn’t exist the number would have had to have been called using a machine.

According to RevK, in Bracknell, in eight hours on Friday it recorded 66 calls to its Bracknell offices, before the honey pot was set up, in eight hours it had 331 call attempts from withheld or unavailable to unused office numbers.

“It shows how much of a problem these junk calls are,” the outfit said.

The cold callers got a non-charged message that they were talking to a machine, but apparently that did not stop them.

In some cases they have had to make the calls manually to see what has gone wrong.

One marketeer was so dumb they ended up talking to the recorded message for three minutes before the message started calling her really dumb.

Calls are only coming in 10am to 6pm, and total for the day for calls over 10 seconds is 67 calls. Most are at least 1 minute and some up to 4 minutes.

It means of course that RevK can build up a list of callers which are from marketing outfits and have them blocked so that they will not bother people ever again.