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Clear releases list of most desirable brands

A list of the world’s most desirable brands has been released showing that one the whole we are vacuous, materialist creatures who worship at the altar of Apple.

Clear, part of Saatchi & Saatchi, approached a total of 17,000 people in the UK, USA, China and Singapore producing a list of the most highly sought after brands.

The survey involved asking a series of questions such whether a brand is one that; you are proud to be seen with; you feel attracted to; matters to you, which are usually terms in which one may describe a life-partner rather than an iPod Nano.

A glance at the UK top five gives the impression gives the impression that we are overweight, unhealthy and predisposed to bouts of aspirational vanity, which to be honest is remarkably prescient, with the iPhone of course topping the list, followed by, Rolls Royce, iPod, Cadburys (yes, Cadburys) and Ray-Ban.

However further down the list there is at least the presence of the Red Cross and Fairtrade littered the iTunes and Prada, offering some salvation for our souls.

Not so on the international stage, where there is no way to escape the fact that globally we are little more than slathering capitalist cultists, eyes rolling to the back of our heads at the mere thought of an Apple keynote.

So here is the International Top 15, with the surprise addition of functional Swedish flat pack furniture merchants IKEA at the bottom: