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Trump makes more bizarre tech claims

Desperate to appear in control again after losing a crucial anti-Obama care vote, Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has claimed that he was personally involved in a move by Charter Communications’ decision to invest $25 billion in the United States and hire 20,000 workers over four years.

At a White House event with the second largest US cable company’s Chief Executive Thomas Rutledge and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Trump praised Charter for planning to close its offshore call centres and move them to the United States.

Trump said: “We’re embracing a new economic model – the American Model. We’re going to massively eliminate job-killing regulations – that has started already, big league – reduce government burdens, and lower taxes that are crushing American businesses and American workers.”

But the decision is not new. Charter said last May that it planned to add 20,000 jobs as part of its merger with Time Warner Cable and acquisition of Bright House Networks. As early as June 2015, Rutledge said Charter would need an additional 20,000 employees after those deals.

The company said more than a year ago in February 2016 that it planned to close foreign Time Warner Cable call centres and move the jobs to the United States.

This is not the first time that Trump has touted job announcements at the White House that had been previously planned or announced.

“You’re going to see thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs, of companies, and everything coming back into our country.”