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Scientists claim that Verdana is the best typeface

The latest research from the US says that the best typeface to see on your screen is Verdana.

The study, which was carried out by Vision Ergonomics Research Laboratory and funded by Microsoft, said that using the right font could saving your eyes and protect you from disorders like the computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Apparently Verdana was the best and it should be set between  10-12 points.Dr Jim Sheedy, the top boffin in charge of the project said that nearly half of Americans have some level of CVS.

He said if the text size is three times lesser than your threshold size, you would struggle to read the font.  

This would make you lean forward to read clearly, which would then affect your body due to uncomfortable posture.Sheedy added that 60 to 90 percent  of computer users experience eye and vision disorders associated with constant exposure to computers and similar electronic gadgets. 

The most common common symptoms of CVS are tiredness, sore eyes, eye strain, dry eyes, red eyes, fatigue, repeated headaches, burning in eyes, pain in and around the eyes, glare sensitivity, difficulties in focusing, excessive tearing, contact lens discomfort, double vision, periodic blurring of near and distant vision, liking Craig David and death (we made the last two up).

While not being a cure for the illness, setting your font to Verdana will help. Apparently.