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German government needs to replace all IT after hack

bugA particularly nasty bit of malware has infected the hardware and software of the German parliamentary network and the whole lot might need to be replaced because no one can fix it.

The government hasn’t managed to erase the spyware from the system, nearly four weeks after the attack and it is still phoning German secrets to an unknown destination.

Trojans introduced to the Bundestag network are still working and are still sending data from the internal network to an unknown destination, several anonymous parliament sources told German publication Der Spiegel .

In May, parliament IT specialists discovered hackers were trying to infiltrate the network. So far, they have been unable to stop the attack.

People in parliament are already talking about junking the whole system, according to Der Spiegel. In addition to the internal network’s software, the hardware may have to be replaced as well, an operation that would take months and cost millions that the Greek government owes them.

Some Germans suspect that the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR is behind the attack and the parliament is to discuss what to do about it today.

Parliamentarians will have to decide if they want to call in the help of counterintelligence experts from the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), the domestic intelligence service of Germany.

Some members of parliament are worked about using the BfV and others are also refusing help from the foreign intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst, because the agency would gain access to the legislative process.