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Dell snaps up data protection specialist

Grey Tin box maker Michael  Dell has written a cheque for data protection outift Credant , as part of a cunning plan to expand his enterprise security portfolio.

Credant’s technology allows customers to protect and encrypt corporate data, securing information sent from endpoints to storage, servers or into the cloud.   The Texan firm, founded in 2001, currently secures more than two million endpoints for customers across a number of verticals, and will add to Dell’s growing enterprise security offerings.  

It is expected that Credant will provide benefits to Dell customers such as simplified security management, faster provisioning of services and “military-grade” protection and encryption.

According to a statement from Dell, the acquisition will help the company to address demands from corporate customers around bring your own device (BYOD), with Credant technology securing data across multiple operating systems.

Dell, which has already snapped up a number of security related companies such as SonicWall this year, did not reveal the financials details of the acquisition.

Jeff Clarke, president of Dell’s End User Computing Solutions division, said that the services offered by Credant will allow enterprise users to cope with the rise in mobility.

“In today’s work environment data is always in-flight – from work being done on a local PC, being sent via email, stored on a USB drive and saved in the cloud,” Clarke said. “Each one of those experiences represents a potential security risk.

He added: “The Credant assets will complement and extend current Dell device security features to make Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision PCs some of the world’s most secure. And when combined with the change in compute behaviors and data in-flight, Dell can now offer a differentiated security proposition based on its own Intellectual Property.”

In other acquisition news, Cisco has agreed to buy BroadHop, a provider of policy control and service management technology for carrier networks.