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Let IBM cook you a dinner

IBM logoIBM said it has released its Chef Watson cognitive computing cooking app to one and all.

The app was co-developed by Big Blue and Bon Appetit and will think up all sorts of interesting flavour combinations which you might like or might not like quite so much.

The app, powered by IBM’s Watson technology includes 10,000 recipes from a Bon Appetit database and offers the opportunity of gazillions of ingredient combinations.

If you hate cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower you can exclude them so that Mr Chef Watson doesn’t dish up, for example, broccoli ice cream.

Watson, according to IBM, is good at finding patterns and relationships hidden in data. According to the company, it’s not just cooking that Watson is good at – it’s being used by fashionistas and life sciences.

You can check out the cook’s ideas here.