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Blackberry PR execs frequently get knickers in a twist

Blackberry’s internal communications team is just a little bit tetchy. 

According to a person very familiar with the matter, they will immediately blacklist a magazine, blog or website for offences as severe as being a little bit critical. 

When asked if it was really that bad, our source took a deep breath and simply nodded. 

For example, a story which did not fawn over the PlayBook was sent up the chain. Furious executives bayed for blood and punished the blog in question with a blacklisting. Like they do with others. The problem with that is when they realise no one is writing about them anymore.

No doubt the whingeing executives would have been busy as the device was not exactly well received in the tech press. 

Apparently, RIM monitors the press very, very closely.

Executives hold temper tantrums, we heard, and demand blacklisting all corners of the web which refuse to gush over its products.

Who is behind this? Is it the two-headed dragon of Lazaridis and The Other One which is slaying itself? Or do jobs at RIM require a personality disorder as part of the application process?

We’ll never know, probably, as this just might get us blacklisted (again).

Blackberry 7 OS abandons old handsets

RIM has two Blackberry smartphones on the way, under the banner of the Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Blackberry Bold 9930. They’ll sport its new OS, Blackberry 7, which will not be available as an upgrade to customers with older devices. 

The long-rumoured mobiles will sport an “iconic design” with a touch screen, RIM predictably says, shipping with Blackberry’s new operating system, Blackberry 7. Blackberry 7 does not have legacy support so users with older handsets will be stuffed if they want to run the improved system.

There’s no QNX in it at all, says Engadget

Blackberry 7 will be smarter, faster and prettier according to RIM. Because it’s so pretty it won’t work on older devices. 

The newer models will run with a 1.2 GHz processor and HD video in 720p. Near Field Communication will also be built in.

The phones themselves will be available “around the world” from this Summer. 

Whether the uppity RIM co-CEO and Diva Mike Lazaridis’ latest offerings will win over consumers and business users more excited by fruit-themed electronics or Android, we’ll find out later this year, we guess.