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Playstation 3 gets bigger hard drive

Maker of big tellies Sony has said that it is preparing to jack a bigger hard drive under the bonnet of its PS3.

The new console will appear in Japan at the end of July, and not only will it have a bigger hard-drivebut will also be available in white, just like a Beatles album.

The 160GB model will be sold for $401 which is the same price as the 120GB. A 320GB  model is also being planned.

Sony did not indicate worldwide release plans in the statement but we would expect to see it appearing in the US and EU a few months afterwards.

The move comes as there is increased competition between Sony and Microsoft for the hearts and minds of gamers.  For ages the two have been the also rans behind the much lower tech Nintendo Wii.  This was mostly because the Wii had a motion controller which allowed people to play games without using buttons.

Microsoft and Sony will release motion-sensing controllers later this year. PlaySsation Move wands will hit the market in time for the year-end holiday shopping season in the US. Microsoft’s Kinet technology will use a 3D camera and gesture recognition software.

Steve Jobs' biography in less than 250 words

My name is Steve Jobs.

I am quite old but I am an alpha male.

I look really good in turtle necks and jeans for crying out loud.

I was born February 24, 1955 and so I am much younger than Mad Mike Magee.

I am also far richer than Mad Mike Magee. He is not on our press list.

I don’t like him. He wears 501 jeans too but doesn’t look good in a turtleneck. I know that, because I’ve met him.

I was married by a Zen Buddhist. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

 Steve Jobs, happy guy  

I like the Beatles even though I found myself in litigation with Apple Corp.

I met Mike Magee at the London Palladium when I was launching my really fabulous NeXT box. I sold that to Apple for nearly $250 million. I am more handsome and far richer than Mike Magee and my Wikipedia entry is way way longer than his. He’s a  jerk and requires total disambiguation.