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There’s yet another performance gain for Lithium ion-batteries

lemon batteryIt seems that the world+dog is coming up with new ways to double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

Last week, we told how MIT had come up with a cunning plan and now it seems that Samsung researchers have developed materials that double the power capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

Writing in the popular science magazine Nature, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) said the technology uses silicon cathode material coded with high-crystalline graphene to produce batteries with twice as much capacity as ordinary lithium-ion batteries.

It claimed that the new technology will enhance the performance of mobile devices and electric vehicles.

Son In-hyu SAIT  researcher at said that the research has dramatically improved the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by applying a new synthesis method of high-crystalline graphene to a high-capacity silicon cathode. We will continue to improve the secondary cell technology to meet the expanding demand from mobile device and electric vehicle markets.

The lithium-ion battery was introduced in 1991 and its storage capacity has been gradually improved. But the material’s properties have limited improvements to capacity, failing to follow skyrocketing demand from the mobile and electric car industries.

SAIT said its researchers focused on graphene, a relatively new material that is physically strong and highly conductive, to solve this problem.

This material has up to four times the capacity compared with graphite and can double the energy density of ordinary lithium-ion batteries.

Patents covering the new technology have been applied for in Korea, China, Europe and the United States.