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Battle heats up on enterprise network front

William Xu, HuaweiA battle royal is on between six big companies in a bid to increase their enterprise sales.

According to IHS Tech, out of these six the leaders are Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei – all of which have successfully diversified their offerings.

Chinese firm Huawei – nowhere in the network enterprise stage only a few years ago – has created a dedicated enterprise unit and aiming to sell its products in “underserved” markets. Because it was originally founded by a PRC officer, Huawei is viewed with some suspicion in the USA. Huawei has sold PC servers for some time and is making a big push on selling PC notebooks in the new year.

Cisco, on the other hand, has managed to move into an “end to end” IT company and IHS believes Cisco’s position is virtually assured.

HP Enterprise is determined to stay in the game too, while Juniper is particularly strong in targeting enterprises with complicated network needs.

Brocade continues to make inroads into data centres, having positioned itself to be there from the very start, while Avaya has over 20 years experience of selling managed services, IHS said.