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Intel tablet roadmap leaked

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsTaiwanese wire Digitimes has published details of the processors Intel will make for the tablet market.

Generally speaking, the tablet market is in decline with people not particularly interested in upgrading until their machine is broken.

Larger size screens on smartphones are also biting into tablet sales.

The roadmap shows that Intel will introduce four microprocessors in 2016 – the Atom X3 in the first quarter, and using a 28 nanometre fabrication process; followed by the Atom X5 and the Atom X7, aimed at the mainstream and high end market, in the second quarter of 2016; and lastly the Core m5/m7, built on a 14 nanometre process, released in the fourth quarter of next year and also built on a 14 nanometre process.

Intel was rather late in getting into the market and has a pretty small share. You can find the Digitimes story here.