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Armenians jail Bredolab botnet creator

The creator of the Bredolab malware has been jailed for four years. 

Georgy Avanesov used his botnet to launch DDoS attacks that damaged multiple computer systems.

The Office of Armenia’s Prosecutor General said Avanesov is a 27-year-old Russian citizen of Armenian descent.

He was arrested in October 2010 at Zvartnots airport in Yerevan, Armenia, a day after the Dutch High Tech Crime Unit disrupted the Bredolab botnet and seized 143 servers that were used to control it, Computerworld reports.

Avanesov used his botnet to send spam emails and launch DDoS attacks. At its height it had 30 million computers recruited.

Avanesov admitted having created the Bredolab malware, but claimed that he passed it on to an unknown individual without knowledge of the latter’s criminal intentions.

He would have faced a charge of altering information stored on a computer system through means of unauthorised access, stealing computer data, creating hacking software with the intention of selling it and distributing malicious software.

But the charges were dropped because of a decree of “General Amnesty on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Independence Declaration of the Republic of Armenia”.

Avanesov was found guilty of controlling an attack on a Russian teleco company called Macomnet.

He told a quarter of his botnet to hit a Macomnet IP address, which resulted in damage to the company’s networking equipment and service downtime for around 192 of its customers, the Prosecutor’s General Office said.