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Apple installs Bing

It looks like the long running feud between Apple and Microsoft is over as both sides have a common enemy in Google.

Apple has announced that it is getting rid of Google’s search engine from its shiny rounded rectangular toys in favour of Microsoft’s Bing.

Bing will find its way into OS X 10.10, the new desktop operating system from Apple.

Other signs have followed that Microsoft and Apple are chums. Recently Microsoft introduced a version of Office for the iPad which suddenly made the keyboardless netbook useful.

Now that the Bing search engine is well on its way to gain additional traction due to its integration with OS X, do expect its current partnerships with Siri and Windows 8 to also help see the search engine gain some market share in the long run.

Still it does mean that the days of Apple fanboys boring anyone who will listen that Microsoft is always copying Apple a few years later will finally be bought to a close. Instead they will be telling the world, plus dog, that Bing is better than Google because Apple uses it.