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Microsoft to pay for Windows 7 Mobile development

Software giant Microsoft is taking no chances that Windows 7 Mobile will fail due to a lack of developer support.

It seems that Redmond has been watching the Apple OSX and Android development communities and been thinking “We will have some of that!”

The problem is that both those communities were set up over time with developers who were either committed to making their guru Jobs rich, or a belief in Open Saucy operating systems. 

Microsoft has the problem that no one considers Steve Ballmer a heart throb, other than Mrs Ballmer, and Microsoft is about as closed as a Chinese prison for political opponents.

Microsoft has decided that the way forward is to buy the hearts and minds of developers. The cunning plan is not new to Microsoft,  it opened its cheque book to get people to use Bing, but the outfit has not previously co-funded development projects.

Redmond told InfoWorld that the plan is a “new developer opportunity”.

“We have a long history of engaging with developers to offer support in the creation of compelling apps. The limited use of co-funding to help initiate strategic projects is not new to Microsoft; furthermore, developers tell us that we do not engage in any co-funding activity outside the scope of our competitors,” the company said.

Word on the street is that interest in Windows 7 Mobile developer kits is lukewarm, and Microsoft needs to heat it up a bit before the release.