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Malaysian tweets 100 apologies for libel

A Malaysian man has promisted to apologise 100 times on Twitter for making a defamatory tweet.

Fahmi Fadzil, who describes himself as a performer and writer, whinged on the microblogging site that a pregnant friend had been poorly treated by her employer, a magazine by the inspiring name of Female Magazine owned by Blulnc Media.

He thought better of the tweet a few hours later and apologised to the company in another tweet – but, Asia One News reports, Blulnc wasn’t in a forgiving mood. It slapped him with a lawyer’s letter claiming damages.

Happily, though, the two managed to come to an agreement and settle things out of court. Now, Fadzil’s 4,200 followers are being treated to a series of tweets even more repetitive than those of most Twitter users. Starting today, he’s agreed to tweet his contrition 100 times over the next three days.

“I’ve DEFAMED Blu Inc Media and Female Magazine. My tweets on their HR policies are untrue. I retract those words and hereby apologise,” he says.

The decision might just get the British legal authorities out of a sticky situation if they care to take it as a precedent. With everybody tying themselves in legal knots over the legality of breaching super injunctions on Twitter, perhaps public apologies could be the answer.  Of course tweeting the entire country if a gagging order is broken might be a marathon.