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IBM sparks off big open source plan

IBM logoBig Blue said that it will embed Apache Spark into its analytics and commerce platforms.

It will also offer Spark as a service on IBM Cloud.

The company said it will get over 3,500 developers and researchers to work on Spark projects worldwide. It will also give its IBM System ML machine learning tech to the open source Spark community.

IBM sees Spark as bringing quite a lot to the business party, including improvement in application performance and developing “intelligent” applications.

It said it will use Watson Health Cloud with Spark and that will speed up analytical work on health data.

It also said it has committed to educating over a million scientists and data engineers on Spark through its relationships with AMPLab, DataCamp, MetiStream, Galvanize and Big Data University.

Beth Smith, general manager of analytics at IBM said her company thinks open source has the power to build value for its customers. It also will help to drive analytics into many businesses.