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Google searches for fifth columnists

Google has activated its own version of MI6 in a desperate bid to track down internal spies who may have taken part in the mid-December cyber attack.

Counter-intelligence agents have been looking for Chinese spies after the attack, which targeted people who have access to specific parts of Google networks.

According to Reuters, Google fears that the attack might have been given a leg up by sleepers in Google China’s office waking up.

A spokesgoogle commented that she was not commenting on rumour and speculation. This is an ongoing investigation, and we simply cannot comment on the details, she commented.

Some Google China employees were denied access to internal networks after January 13, while some staff were put on leave and others transferred to different offices in Google’s Asia Pacific operations. Rumours that staff were being made to go for walks in the forests near Berlin with ‘minders’ have been neither confirmed or denied. Reuters reports that Google will not comment on its business operations.

Google, has denied also denied rumours that it has already decided to shut down its China offices, and it actually talking to the government to see if they are able to stay open.

Google is also still in the process of scanning its internal networks since the cyber attack in mid-December.

* Meanwhile, Google has postponed the introduction of two Android phones in China because of its beef with the hack.