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Top Intel spinner tips up at Anandtech

We believe that we wrote a Limerick for ex-Intel top spinner George Alfs when he “retired” from Intel last year.

But you cannot put a good Alfs down. He confirmed to TechEye last night that Anandtech – the home of the Boy Wonder – is now one of his new clients.

Anandtech is owned, if we remember rightly, by LMCD, a “Larry Barber” production.

A long time ago, when I was rogistering, I seem to remember the magazine “hired” one Spinola purely on the grounds that he used to spin for Intel. I was agin it myself, but another journalist triumphed, only to fire him six months later.

We asked “Mr Xanadu” if it was true he was working for Anandtech. He confirmed it. Dan Snyder, where are you now? Working for HardOCP? That’s a joke, Dan.

It’s called “care in the community” – Intel PRs will be sent out to hardware sites that need Intel care. Perhaps TechEye could have Paul Otellini to manage us? Or shy and retiring Chuck Mulloy. Joke.