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Google buys hardware firm Agnilux

Search behemoth Google has apparently bought Agnilux, a company founded in the aftermath of Apple’s PA Semi takeover. Google has so far only confirmed it had shelled out an undisclosed sum of money. Apart from that, there are no precise details concerning the privately-held firm.

Blog PEhub, which broke the news, says Agnilux was in talks with Cisco, Microsoft and Texas Instruments in order to receive strategic financing. Agnilux seems to have offered so much many it decided to go down the takeover route instead.

Agnilux is supposed to be developing a server of unknown qualities, which could explain why Google would be interested in chasing it down and chaining it up. Any tech that would make servers more efficient would be a godsend for any web-based company – especially if it is as huge as Google.

Agnilux was founded by Amarjeet Gill, Mark Hayter and Puneet Kumar, who apparently used their own money to finance the start up.

Employees and founders seem to previously have worked for PA Semi and decided not to join Apple, after it bought PA Semi two years ago to develop the application processor used in the iPad.

According to the New York Times a source said Agnilux has some sort of agreement with Cisco. However, COO Mark Hayter never revealed anything to the newspaper, despite being asked several times.