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Microsoft planning update to quadruple Kinect accuracy

Microsoft is planning an update for the Kinect that could quadruple its accuracy.

The firmware update will add improved finger movement and hand rotation detection to the Kinect camera, with users only needing to download a software update straight into their Kinect to benefit from the improvements.

Accuracy of the Kinect’s well-received motion capture camera is set to jump to four times its current levels due to the new detection of smaller joints on the body.

The resolution will also increase from 320×240 to 640×480, increasing the depth sensor of the camera.

Eurogamer was told that the USB controller interface is only using 15 or 16MB/s, but that it is capable of reaching 35MB/s, showing the potential expansion of the device and software. It is believed that 20MB/s would deliver full resolution for both cameras on the Kinect.

The increase in accuracy and resolution could slow down game speeds, however, and it’s not certain that any of the current Kinect-capable titles on the Xbox 360 could avail of the boost, but with the Kinect only recently launching it’s still early days to deliver new games with improved accuracy.

The Kinect has gained popularity in the hacking community over the past month when an open source driver was developed to make the device work with non-Xbox devices. Multiple developments such as 3D video capture and augmented reality have been achieved, all of which could benefit from the improved accuracy touted in the upcoming update.