Wozniak: Microsoft out-evolving Apple

Apple founder Steve Wozniak has shocked fanboys everywhere by saying that Microsoft is now more creative than their favourite fruity toy maker.

He also has told them that Steve Jobs didn’t have to be such a “bastard” which is also not the official Apple creed.

While this might be obvious to the rest of the world, Woz’s comments strike at the core of Apple’s reality distortion field.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Woz was open to the idea that Redmond might have been spending quite some time lately trying to create more “wow” products than Apple.

While he did not like the Surface particularly much, Woz was wowed by the idea that Microsoft was working on technology that made simultaneous translations.

He said that Apple had become too used to cranking out the newest iPhone and falling a little behind. Meanwhile Microsoft was sitting in its labs coming up with new ideas.

He admitted that this worries him greatly. He was also worried that Microsoft’s phone interfaces were so pretty that the company might have re-incarnated Steve Jobs.

Woz has also been a critic of Apple’s comedy voice recognition search app Siri saying that she needed an extreme makeover.

All this was a concern because Woz loved Apple. He said that Apple was losing ground because it has been making the same things it knows how to make. He said just improving things is not Apple-style innovation.

Woz was also critical of St. Eve of Jobs, saying that the patron saint of overpriced electronics did not really have to be the rugged bastard that he was.

It looks like people are starting to wake up to the idea that Apple, after the return of Jobs, was really a marketing rather than innovation panacea.