Woz tells Paul Allen to stop patent trolling

Dancing queen and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is miffed with former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

According to Cnet  Woz was down to hear Allen plug his new biography, which has not been titled “How I was shafted by the evil Bill Gates and still made a killing” at .the Embedded System Conference last week.Then he changed his mind at the last minute and went to Marie Callender’s restaurant for the split-pea soup with ham which he likes.

What got Woz’s goat was he remembered that Allen was now making a lot of dosh being a patent troll suing Apple and Google.

Being patent trollish is all well and good, but Allen is not having a pop at Microsoft, which Woz is sure must also be breaking a few of Allen’s patents.

Woz said that Allen should be out there investing in companies that are doing something, making products, actually making a new future for the world.

He should not be saying he is going to sue people, and get in bed with the lawyers to make his money. That’s not the right way, Woz said.

Apparenlty Woz is miffed that so many clever engineers spend their time trolling for patents, buying them up, and then turning them into cash.  Instead they should be dancing with feather boas on Dancing with Stars, we guess. 

Some of the problem that Woz has is how every Apple II sold made five dollars for RCA, as that company had taken out a patent on a character generator that wasn’t even remotely real at the time.