Wolfram file format takes hype to new heights

A press release from Wolfram Research about a new file format contains so much hyperbole that it’s impossible to understand what it’s on about.

The headline is promising: “Wolfram launches computable document format (CDF)” but that’s belied by the rest.

CDF is “a new standard to put interactivity at the core of everyday documents and empower readers with live content they can drive.

“CDFs are as interactive as apps, yet as everyday as documents. Central to the concept are knowledge apps, interactive diagrams, or info apps — the live successors of traditional diagrams and infographics.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive knowledge app is worth a thousand pictures. CDF steps up the bandwidth of communication that much.

“The content author and interactivity author need to be the very same person if we are to achieve mainstream interactive documents,” said Conrad Wolfram. “The Wolfram Demonstrations Project, with its 7,000+ contributions, prototyped the power of personalized interactivity authoring. Now CDF unleashes this power for a multitude of uses. The authoring is easier than ever before, but this is only the start of making authoring easy enough for everyone.”

What? Clear as mud (CAM).