Windows RT is about to be converged

While many have written off Microsoft’s Windows RT completely, the Vole is working out ways to converge it with Windows Phone.

ZDNet is predicting that there could be a convergence between Windows RT and the Windows Phone OS which could give new life to both.

This is the only way to explain why Microsoft is continuing to back Windows on ARM, even after advances by Intel on Bay Trail and Haswell.

Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson, the head of Microsoft’s newly converged operating system division, thinks the OS fits into his cunning plan for phablets and other mobile gear.

Myerson confirmed that the lines between Windows phone and RT were blurring and people could expect to see more Windows ARM tablets in the future.

We have known that Microsoft was trying to unify the programming interfaces, frameworks and dev tools across Windows Phone and RT for a while. While there is not a common Windows Store for Windows Phone and Windows RT, it is a logical direction for Microsoft to move towards.

The theory is that Microsoft will merge its Windows Phone OS with Windows RT making them an operating system that can run on all mobile devices without a desktop.

Myerson said that the goal was to have one silicon interface for all Volish devices, with a single set of developer APIs, meaning all software will be available on all Microsoft gear.

This is a small sting for Microsoft’s old chum Intel, as any convergence with ARM will lessen reliance on its nice, shiny new mobile chips.