Windows 8 can't pull developers

Microsoft’s new operating system is having problems attracting developers needed to create its app store.

According to Network World, Windows 8 may be exciting for its cross-platform access, but  developers remain wary of building apps, even if Microsoft has asked nicely with a cherry on top.

Vole put its hands on its heart and promised that cross-platform development across Windows 8 on a desktop to Windows Phone 8 would be a doddle. However, the word is that developers are still not getting the support they want.

This is happening when the numbers are stacked against it. Google Play has 675,000 apps and Apple has 700,000. While a huge chunk of those apps are trash, it does mean that developers have devoted time writing them.

One of the problems that Vole faces is that developers have already made huge investments in other platforms and don’t want to support another one.

While more than 80 percent of developers say they are interested in writing Android and iOS apps, only half of that want to write for Vole.

Microsoft is doing better than RIM. Only 16 percent want to write for the Blackberry which is the developer’s equivalent of getting a paper cut.

Tales are filtering into the developer sphere that Microsoft’s own policies are making it difficult for them to get apps accepted.

Writing in his blog, Jeffrey Harmon finally had his app accepted after six rejections. The last time the code was accepted by not changing any of the code, but just resubmitting it. He admits that his code initially failed because there was something wrong with it, but after the corrections were made the fact that it continued to fail was the fault of the certification process.

He wrote that Microsoft had done a great job with the tools and documentation, but where it really falls down though is in the last mile, app submission.