Windows 8 app shop screenshots appear

Early screenshots of what is being reported as Microsoft’s Windows App Store, for Windows 8, have appeared online and they are truly underwhelming.

If the shots are to be believed, and we stress that perhaps they shouldn’t, Redmond has plumped for the same dull-as-dishwater scheme that doesn’t entice you to use built in Windows features.

Hold on a tic. App store? My apps? Isn’t this just your installed software laid out in one catch-all page – where you can buy stuff too?

It surely couldn’t be. Apps aren’t software. They’re apps. Apps are for exciting people. They’re 25th century and they’re not software. Apps apps apps apps apps.

Head on over to CNet to see some screenshots it pilfered from sister site ZDNet

Again, and we have to stress that apps doesn’t mean software, it’s something different altogether – you can see apps such as Internet Explorer, Chess, Opera and Office. They’re apps. 

Then again the screenshots could be totally forged but there has been talk of Microsoft desperate to get a store out since the Mac App store launched this year.