Windows 8.1 ate my mouse

Software king of the world Microsoft has warned that the new version of Windows has three problems which could spoil a gamer’s afternoon.

There have been complaints of mouse problems after applying the Windows 8.1 update, including that cardinal sin of video games, a lag in picture speed.

Vole says that it is actively investigating the problems and working on a patch, although there is no idea how long it will take for the problem to be fixed.

On a Volish community forum, a Microsoft forum moderator posted that the problem was a little more complex than it first appeared.

The ‘mouse lag’ problem is actually several different things that could vary based on the game, and input methods used. He listed a few workarounds that have been found to help some of these problems.

The first is a bad case of jittering mouse –the mouse jitters as you move it through a game. Microsoft thinks that this because Windows 8.1 handles the games’ checks “for the mouse status differently.”

Then there is the small matter of mouse movement not being to scale even after acceleration is turned off,

Lastly the measured mouse polling rate has a lower reporting frequency than expected. This is probably because of dissatisfaction with both the main parties and a lack of a viable alternative.

Microsoft suggests disabling DPI scaling at least until it can come up with a fix.