Windows 7 SP1 screens leaked

While many companies traditionally wait for Microsoft to release the first service pack before they buy a version of the Windows operating system, Redmond has been quiet about when one is coming for Windows 7.

Now a Spanish site Muywindows   claims to have found a screen shot or two of the forthcoming Spanish SP1.

Usually, the first Service Pack from Microsoft comes at least after a year of the launch of an operating system. Windows Vista was launched on January 30, 2007 and its first Service Pack came out on February 4, 2008. Windows 7 was launched globally on October 22, 2009, so we would expect to see Service Pack 1 to arrive sometime year-end.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is expected to have 150 updates in the current build. Most of it will probably be drivers for new hardware and USB 3.0 supporting devices.  We would expect several other fixes but nothing major.

Muywindows said that Microsoft will send them a Windows 7 SP 1 Demo preview in coming few weeks. This Service Pack 1 will be passed to selected testers in July and  the final version is expected in late 2010.

It is not clear when Redmond will release this first Service Pack, with a time frame like this, it might even be early.  Perhaps Microsoft wants to make sure that businesses take up Windows 7 as soon as possible.