Windows 7 overtakes XP in popularity

Net Applications have released their chart showing the most popular operating systems and for the first time Windows 7 has overtaken ancient Windows XP as the world’s most popular desktop operating software.

According to CNET, it is the end of an era. XP has ruled the PC world since the beginning of time and its first users were primitive pond life who were just getting the hang of backbones.

At the end of August, Windows 7’s market share stands at 42.76 percent compared with Windows XP’s 42.5 percent, according to Net Applications.

Microsoft has seen Windows 7’s share rise by roughly one percentage point month-on-month for around the past year. It has been taking users at the same level from Windows XP.

Meanwhile Vista’s share has remained static at around 6.1 percent over the past quarter.

Despite claims from the tame Apple press that Cupertino is giving Windows a good kicking, its OSX is just a little more popular than the completely unpopular Vista. The only way you can make any of the Apple operating systems statistically significant is if you add them all together. Apple’s combined share of the desktop market Apple is 7.11 percent share. Linux hardly got a look in and appears to have been unchanged. It seems that proprietary software holds 99.2 per cent of the PC market which means that Linux use has fallen.