Windows 7 malware infection rate climbs

Microsoft has indicated that Windows 7’s malware infection rate climbed by as much as 182 percent this year.

While that figure is staggering, it is still three times better than Windows XP, which is about as secure as letting Anonymous look after a Greek government website dedicated to the visit of Angela Merkel.

Microsoft’s latest six monthly security report showed that in the second quarter of 2012, Windows 7 was between 33 percent and 182 percent more likely to be infected by malware than in the second Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), which shipped in February last year, saw infection increases: 172 percent for x86, 182 percent for x64.

Vole claims that the the reason for the increase is a boost in successful malware attacks and the fact that users are becoming less savvy.

When a new version of software appears on the market it is usually technology enthusiasts who buy it. Then, later on, you get those consumers who actually click on links promising pictures of Kate Middleton’s chest.

Computerworld points out that it is more likely that Windows 7 is simply popular. The software is the first to be adopted by both enterprises and consumers and its usage share grew 45 percent.