We reveal the crappiest news sites on the web

Any day, in every way, there is a multitude of web sites, controlled by crap publishers, who follow Google News like there is no tomorrow. This is a definition of crap journalism – listening to crap publishers.

This, of course, is not news as you and me know it, it is hunting page views, following the Google Carousel and making money for the Googleplexers.

Here, we name and shame the top 10 news sites – right now – that chase Google’s tail – with chapter and verse on the subject. Can’t they write stories of their own? Is journalism really this dead? Can’t journos be inventive any more? We’re prepared to talk to the publishers of the following top Google News tech sites at length about this. Is journalism dead? There are lots of other publishers chasing Google’s tail – these sites are not guilty of anything, just typical of the daily Google carousel. Google should be ashamed of itself.

Number One – Betanews – shameless Google followers.
Number Two – Inquirer – really not very good analysis
Number Three – Irish Tiimes – quite shameless for Irishmen.
Number Four – T3 – Hardly journalism
Number Five – The Daily Jellygraph – total crap
Number Six – IT Pro Portal – Late to the game as always
Number Seven – Broadband Genie – Hardly genius
Number Eight – The Grauniad – Oh come on
Number Nine – The Grauniad – Oh come, on make a profit
Number Ten – Techwatch – who they?

It changes from time to time, and Google benefits. But it’s certainly not journalism, Google News. It’s crap and the algorithm sucks and the model is very cynical indeed.  Google is subverting journalism by wooing publishers and this has to stop.

The previous 10 stories up there are not necessarily the best nor the worst and personally TechEye  – an independent publication – doesn’t care, but Google has to be brought to account for this. Hopefully by the European Commission and the FTC.

Journalism does live.  Publishers who seek the tail of Google should get off of their cloud. The only way they’ll make money is by putting money into good journalism.