VLC gives exclusive backing to Nvidia

VLC has launched the latest version of its open saucy media player which can use the power of the GPU to decode videos, but only if it is the right GPU.

Version 1.1.0 should be really good stuff for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux users. It would enable you to decode high definition files without much problems and let your CPU go about its business without having to worry much.

The problem is that it isn’t. VLC’s latest upgrades only works on Nvidia chips, which has lead to the ironic situation where an open sauce software maker is giving exclusive backing to a proprietary hardware maker.

To make matters worse the VLC home page goes out of its way to plug Nvidia and deride ATI.

It claims that ATI’s Windows drivers don’t work properly. 

“VideoLAN is quite sad to be forced to recommend nVidia GPU, until ATI fixes their drivers on Windows, and until VLC developer get access to some Intel hardware supporting GPU decoding,” the page said.

If it was “quite sad” about it then why did it wade into ATI for not making Windows drivers that worked? Actually the Windows 7 drivers for our ATI card work much better than the Nvidia one. Yeah, the Intel dig might be a valid point, however if someone is so far up a Green Goblin’s rear end, the chipmaking equivalent of a black hole is not really going to support you.

In a post like this VLC has become a tool for the Green Goblin slagging off who it does not like. Which is a pity because VLC make a good player.