Valve: Linux is the future of gaming

Despite its tiny share of the market, Linux will be the future of gaming according to the co-founder and managing director of Valve, Gabe Newell.

According to TechcrunchLinux has less than one percent of the gaming market at present. However, Newell said that Valve is going to do its best to make sure Linux becomes the future of gaming by extending its Steam distribution platform to hardware designed for living rooms.

Talking at LinuxCon in New Orleans, Newell admitted that making such a statement at a Linux event was like going to Rome and teaching Catholicism to the pope.

Newell has promised to unveil a Linux-based “Steam box” to compete against gaming consoles sometime this year.  An announcement on the Steam box is expected next week.

He said Valve worked through a lot of problems in bringing Left 4 Dead 2 to Linux, hopefully showing the way to other developers.

Valve is also contributing to the LLDB debugger project and is co-developing an additional debugger for Linux, Newell said. Developers were always telling Valve to build a debugger to make Linux a better development target.

Newell continues to wade into Windows 8 being a “catastrophe for everyone in the PC space”. He said that closed platforms were going to lose to open ones that allow innovation.

Despite year-over-year declines in the PC market, Steam has seen a 76 percent increase in its own sales, according to Newell.  He said that systems which were innovation-friendly and embrace openness are going to have a greater competitive advantage to closed or tightly regulated systems.