US people don't know what Microsoft Windows 8 is

While it is not unusual to find a poll where people appear to be ignorant of something obvious, Microsoft marketers are probably slashing their wrists over the findings of one carried out by Associated Press.

A phone survey of nearly 1,200 adults in the US found 52 percent hadn’t even heard of Windows 8.

Of those who had, 61 percent had little or no interest in buying a new laptop or desktop computer running on the operating system. Only about a third of people who’ve heard about the new system believe it will be an improvement.

While these sorts of people are normally pretty ignorant of technology, they are unfortunately the people that Microsoft wants to attract, under its new “let’s copy Apple” policy.

The poll also gave a thumbs down to Microsoft’s new tablet computer, Surface, which was built to show off Windows 8’s versatility.

69 percent of the poll’s respondents expressed little or no interest in buying a Surface.

The results indicate Microsoft is failing to create a big enough buzz about Windows 8 and help people understand the new operating system’s benefits.

Vole is just in stage one of a $1 billion marketing campaign that will include a siege of television ads to promote Windows 8 to a wider audience.

It is hard to see how it could be doing more. The company has been bombarding the world with marketing. But so far only industry analysts, reporters, technology blogs and gadget enthusiasts know much about the software.